film - 2021

Unreal Estate The Movie

Unreal Estate

With the project ‘Unreal Estate’, Ksenia Galiaeva explores the way in which memories can be influenced and guided. For more then twenty years, she has been making photos of her parents in paradisiacal surroundings of their Russian summerhouse in an attempt to influence her own memory and her family history.
History is influenced by the images that remain. Memory changes through repetition, and can acquire almost mythical proportions. Perception is colored by previous experiences but has also the power to initiate changes in memory. The film is about the fragility of a temporary situation that is denied with all vibrancy and humor; about the visible synchronization of the characters with their environment, the particular time structure inherent to a summer day spend in a country house, where the time seems endless and repeats itself; the way objects and actions acquire meaning, grow out of proportion and become metaphors; the roles that the characters take on themselves, voluntary, with gratitude and pleasure; about the wishful thinking and ‘nostalgia for the future’ - the urge to secure things that are impossible to keep.