overig - 2019

Presentation of the concept of a Museum of Edible Earth

"Museum of Edible Earth" project

Presentation of the project "Museum of edible land" by Russian-Dutch artist Masha Ru in St. Petersburg.

Museum of Edible Earth — a cross-disciplinary research, which will combine the aspects of museum studies with an important emphasis on social design. The museum will invite the audience to review their knowledge about food and cultural traditions using creative thinking. The Museum of Edible Earth will address the following questions: What stands behind earth-eating tradition? Where does the edible soil come from? What are the possible benefits and dangers of eating earth? How do the material properties in earth affect its flavor? Its goal is to constitute an extensive collection of soils suggested for oral use from the most countries possible and, through their different cultural uses and histories, but also with the help of cross-disciplinary partnerships, workshops and collaborations, redesigning and reconsidering the earth.