publicaties - literatuur - 2017

War is War

War is War

This book documents the experience of the artist Nikolay Yassievich, who served between 1941 and 1943 at the Oranienbaum bridgehead. This small patch of land played a critical role in the defence and liberation of Leningrad from a 900-day siege by Nazi forces. Cut off from the rest of the army and Leningrad, the Red Army’s soldiers held their ground in a heroic effort for 28 months until the end of January 1944. The letters Nikolay wrote during his years defending the bridgehead were carefully preserved by his wife. Translated, annotated and presented both in Russian and English, together with the watercolors of his granddaughter Tatyana Yassievich, they return us to the battlefields of the Oranienbaum bridgehead.  

War is War - 231 pages, color, researched and compiled by Tanya Yassievich. Introduction by Jessica Gorter. Translation and annotation by James M. Boekbinder. Proofreading and consultation on the Russian text by Raisa Smulakovskaya. Book concept and design by Susanne Beer. Map design by Zhenya Pashkina. Photography by Ira Yugay and Alexei Prokofiev. Digitizing of the letters and curation of the exhibition The Army Postal Service by Marina Krasilnikova. This book was made with the support of the Thijl Foundation managed by the Prins Bernhard Cultural Foundation and Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fund.